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Home sick today and kind of merp. So instead of asking a question, I'll take them~ 

2 deviants said Arina [CS]
2 deviants said Caine [CS Gen 1]
2 deviants said Coral [CA]
1 deviant said Questions can be about:
No deviants said TaeYong and Kevin [CA Coral Brothers]

About DJ

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About Me
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Christian. Geek. Artist. Athlete.

You can call me DJ~ I love my friends and family, and I work hard at my craft. I used to do martial arts and basketball, though my main love is volleyball. I LOVE Avatar: The Last Airbender, as well as Legend of Korra, and Batman is my favorite superhero. A lot of my art is Sailor Moon-themed because of the friends I've made on here, but I'm always open to making more friends. I don't bite!

Those of you who love ATLA and LOK, my joint fanfiction account with my partner in crime is here:…

If you want to talk to me more, you can hit me up on my facebook as well here:…

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My Fandoms:

:bulletblue:Avatar [Both ATLA and LOK]
:bulletblue:Sailor Moon
:bulletblue:DC Comics
:bulletblue:Young Justice

And many more!

What Do I Need to Work On?

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The Warring Earth Series

Book One: Fire by WingsForDreams Book Two-Air by WingsForDreams Book Three-Water by WingsForDreams

Long ago, the four nations lived in harmony. When the Fire Nation rose up to destroy that harmony, it was the Avatar—master of all four elements—that saved the world. When that balance was threatened again, generations later, the Avatar again rose up to keep the balance between benders and their ungifted counterparts.

But now more than a century has passed, and the threat is back. A new wave of unrest has erupted, the balance tipped once again. The Neo-Equalists have taken Republic City, a new war surging across the world. Benders everywhere are hiding, afraid. The Resistance is fighting to take back their rights. This is a new era, a different time. The death tolls are rising, the hatred increasing.

And, despite the Neo-Equalists’ greatest efforts, a new legend was born, living right under their noses: the only one with the power to end the war and restore balance once again.

The Avatar.

Meet the Team

The Lieutenant: ZanYi Tsong
The Lieutenant by WingsForDreams

The Councilwoman: Tiki Chouko
The Councilwoman by WingsForDreams

The Healer: Shun Jiang
The Healer by WingsForDreams

The Avatar: Syaoran Wong
The Avatar by WingsForDreams




What I'm learning from the CS Task 12: people are just as eager to meet Caine as they are to intermingle their own senshi's two generations.

I am flattered and appalled by you people xD

[CA] Get to Know Coral Durumi

Sun Mar 27, 2016, 7:16 PM

So, I wanted to develop Kyung-Mi and give everyone an opportunity to get to know her better! So, I went searching across the webs and made up lists of questions to help develop her and portray her for others to understand! I've also included the links to places I got questions from, in case you want their full lists [I've altered them slightly to moderately, to focus on what I wanted to focus on and avoid stuff that is in her bio]. Feel free to do some or all of them for your own characters, CA or otherwise!

Coral Durumi - Reference Sheet by WingsForDreams

  1. Name: Kyung-Mi [Julie] Kwon; Coral 두루미 [Durumi/Red-Crowned Crane]
  2. Defining gestures/movements (i.e., curling his or her lip when he or she speaks, always keeping his or her eyes on the ground, etc.):  Pouts when she is thinking or displeased; when embarrassed, easily flushes and can't meet people's eyes; bites her thumbnails when stressed 
  3. Things about his or her appearance he or she would most like to change: Her eye color; she thinks it's too plain, but her vision is fine and has no need for contacts, so she doesn't want to spend the money to get colored contacts just for show.
  4. Speaking style (fast, talkative, monotone, etc.): Very amiably, full of smiles; Kyung-Mi is more of a listener than a talker in conversation, but only marginally. Get her engaged and she will converse with you for a while.
  5. Pet peeves: When people do not respect those in authority or of higher rank, and people who ask for her to do photo shoots "for the experience"
  6. Insecurities: That amongst all other photographers out there, her work will never stand out and her degree will be a waste [which is a waste of her parents' hard earned financial support]; That Kevin will actually be right and she'll be 'forever alone' because her expectations are too high
  7. Quirks/eccentricities: She feels awkward walking around a house barefoot, so always has at least one set of slipper socks nearby; Kyung-Mi likes to know where everyone is in the house at night before she goes to sleep, so on nights that TaeYong is doing a night shift at the hospital, she has trouble sleeping, and it's why she ends up going out to find Kevin half of the time when he sneaks out; also hates Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches
  8. Temperament (easygoing, easily angered, etc.): Pretty easygoing, and almost always pleasant and optimistic; never intentionally rude, outside of extreme circumstances [Read: Kevin]
  9. Negative traits: Once one of her sensitivities is prodded, she quickly spirals, and that temperament takes a downward turn; takes great effort to move past personal offenses, because she's quite sensitive and gentle, once burned and twice incredibly shy
  10. Things that upset him or her: Kevin, always Kevin; being made to feel she's inferior [because depending on the subject, she'll believe it]; exclusive cliques, not close friends, but the groups that made people left out intentionally
  11. Things that embarrass him or her: Kevin, very easily; being praised for her photography work; being caught dancing around to her music
  12. This character is highly opinionated about: Showing proper respect to those in authority, even when they are in the wrong or undeserving of it; having a strong work ethic and being a team player
  13. Things that make him or her happy: Time alone to curl up with a good book and a cup of hot cocoa or apple cider; being able to sit outside with her music and just relax during good weather; going shopping and having lunch dates with her mother
  14. Dream vacation: Able to visit Jeju Island for a week; she loves being by the water and ocean breezes, and it's tropical while being away from everyone she knows, a whole new world to observe and photograph
  15. Superstitions: The bracelet she wears [also her henshin item] is her 'good luck charm'; even before her first transformation, she never went into a test or exam without it, because Kyung-Mi was adamant that it always made the questions easier than she prepared for, or helped her remember better
  16. Three words to describe this character: Gentle, hopeful, persistent

  1. How does your character feel about their parents? Kyung-Mi is extremely attached to her parents, especially her mother; her mother is her go-to for any normal life stuff, and her mother is her biggest supporter in every endeavor. 
  2. When did your character feel completely loved and accepted? When her parents accepted her decision to go to school for her photography and didn't continue to brush it aside as just a hobby anymore or push the hard sciences on her as courses of study.
  3. What would have to happen to make your character speak out, or, defend a stranger, in public? Blatant disregard or disrespect, followed by fits of anger; Kyung-Mi is gentle, but doesn't tolerate belligerent and hateful behavior.
  4. What do they lie about? Where some of her injuries come from after fighting as a senshi; occasionally where Kevin is in order to cover for him; white lies/kind lies to make people not feel so bad
  5. Does your character need friends? Yes, social interaction is something she loves, even if she definitely has periods of recharge quietly on her own.
  6. What physical thing does your character fear most? Snakes are nearly paralyzing to her, especially if encountered alone.
  7. If your character could choose to spend their last day alive with one person (dead or alive), who would they choose? Her mother, because she always knows exactly what to say, and when Kyung-Mi loses herself, her mom always has the right words to bring her back; she's Kyung-Mi's best friend, through and through.
  8. What is their defining strength? Her hope. She may lose it in herself, but she never loses hope for others, forever the optimist and spurs others on. Even in her darkest moments, her hope may disappear, but it's never broken, never permanent.
  9. Are they able to work for someone else? Absolutely, because Kyung-Mi is all about being a team player. Team work makes the dream work, and has a high sense of duty to authority figures.
  10. Does your character have a positive or negative body image? Overall positive, but like many, she definitely has her bad days when she feels like no matter what she does, she looks dreadful.
  11. Who, or what, would your character die for? Her family, even Kevin, every time. Her family is her world, and they mean the absolute most to her, always above herself.
  12. Does your character have a plan for tomorrow? Next week? Next year? Kyung-Mi always has a plan, very specific for short term, but always an outline for the future as well. Very rarely does she not.
  13. Is your character resilient enough to change? Yes, if Kyung-Mi perceives a problem, it will trouble and weigh on her painfully so. When finally out of the funk, she will do what she can to fix and change so that it doesn't happen again.
  14. What would mentally destroy your character? The death of any of her family members, especially her mother and, surprisingly sometimes, Kevin. Kevin pushes her to the edge and over more than anyone else ever could or would, but he is still her twin, almost the second half of her life. And to be without that would devastate her more deeply than almost anything else.

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